Brunch Party with Mariss Jansons and Thomas Hampson

Private invitation by the American Consulate General in Munich to sing in July at their Brunchparty. Special Guests: Maestro Mariss Jansons!! and Baritone Thomas Hampson!!! So no pressure!! This was one of the most nerve-racking concerts I gave.. Let’s hope that I might sing for them again anytime soon…   Back to News

16. Bundestafeltreffen, Berlin

At the 16th Bundestafeltreffen in Berlin I was allowed to sing for hundreds of foodbank helpers at the Mercedes Benz Center at Potsdamer Platz! Thank you so much, dear Mrs Werth, for this opportunity!     Back to News

Chinese Wedding, Singapore

I started my three-month work experience in Singapore in February. During my work, I had the opportunity to sing at various occasions in Singapore. However, my very first Chinese Wedding was very exiting!! Thank you, my dear family Lee Medjeral-Thomas, for this experience!     Back to News

Flashback – Cadogan Hall, London

Upon special request, I am posting this video from me singing at Cadogan Hall London in 2008! I promise my technique got better but this was indeed an amazing and – at that time – perfect concert with a great audience!! Video –  ...