Max-Weber-Festival, Munich

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The Max-Weber-Programm, that supports over 1.900 students in Bavaria, celebrated its 10-year jubilee at the Technischen Universität Munich on June 13, 2015.

On the occasion of this jubilee, Anna Fichtl and myself were invited to contribute to the Max-Weber-Festival, singing a program of duets and several arias – what a wonderful summer evening with good music! Thanks to the hosts and to our great pianist Suo Mao!

Watch the Video: Philomena Poetis – Max-Weber-Festival



mit Duett-Partnerin Anna Fichtl



Concertvideo Freising

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Trying to work on a short video for you, to give an impression of my last concert in Freising!

Hope you like it! Enjoy!


Please follow the link:

Philomena sings Bellini




Concert in Freising

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On Sunday, May 17, 2015, I will participate in the festive program of Diözesanmuseums Freising, performing a little something from Vincenzo Bellinis La sonnambula around 11.30 a.m.!

Sounds like a perfect destination for your relaxing Sunday! ♥

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-11 um 16.29.03


Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-11 um 16.31.10

La Conca del Sogno – Nerano

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Conca del Sogno is paradise on earth. And again I was ask by my dear Signora Anna to sing.

Special Guests: My friend and author Sharleen Cooper Cohen and her husband, which I met in LA earlier this year.

Grazie, Signora Anna!
LA and Munich meet in Nerano!


With my wonderful Signora Anna!

My crew



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THAT’S how we sing in Italy; after having too much food and too much wine!!

Happy Katzengejammer!! Haha




Foto 5


Foto 1

Spaghetti Vongole, my most favorite in the world!!!

Foto 4

Enjoying the Amalfi Coast


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Event at Restaurant Tantris, Munich

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Stunning Event to celebrate Hans Albrecht at Restaurant Tantris in Munich!!

Great Food!! Super performance!!!!


Warm-Up at Tantris


Restaurant Tantris


THE best duet!!


Festive setting…


…to celebrate Hans Albrecht


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Birthday celebrations, Munich

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Let’s celebrate! French Birthday party in July for the wonderful Jewlery-designer Lucie Berthiaume-Vissing.

It was great fun for Penelope and me to sing for that party crowd. These French know how to party.

Toutes sortes de bonnes choses!


Let’s party!


duet-prepartions? :)


singing duets a more cheesy way…


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Farewell celebration for Axel Bartelt, Munich

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Big Farewell party in July in Munich!

The Bavarian Corps Consulaire celebrated district president Axel Bartelt, who worked as chief of protocol for the Bavarian state chancellery from 2003 to 2014.

My sister Penelope and I were booked as the musical surprise! Thank you so much for the Standing Ovations!




Say it with flowers…


with the best duet partner – my sister Penelope


with the very nice Bavarian ensemble, the 2-Samer


Lakme’s Flower Duet in action…


It is always an honor to receive flowers! Thank you!


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In honour of Lorin Maazel

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Even though I was a little ten-year-old girl, it was a great honour and pleasure for me to sing under the conduction of Maestro Maazel in the year 2000.

Under his conduction and with singer Andrea Bocelli it was my very first television appearance in German ARD.

Lorin Maazel was an inspiring man who leaves impressive marks in the classical music scene of the 21st century. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him.


Singing with Lorin Maazel and Andrea Bocelli


Looked what I found! A copy of the concert – (with miserable spelling!)

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Inspiration – Yue-Opera

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The Yue-Opera – after the Beijing Opera the second-largest Chinese opera genre in the mainland China – was developed in the city of Shengzhou in the southern province of Zhejiang. In addition to the use of the Zhejiang’ province dialect, the opera genre is characterised by the fact that all roles are played and sung by women. The music is very mellow and gentle but at the same time full of emotions.

I was allowed to listen to the Nanjing Yue-Opera Ensemble, which was founded 1956 and is the most famous opera ensemble for this Chinese genre today. The ensemble stopped in Munich during its Europe-tour and presented some examples of the Yue-Opera-repertoire.

Here I learned that the opera “The Butterfly Lovers” was written especially for an international audience and belongs to the official cultural heritage of China since 2006.

The elaborate costumes with vibrant colors and beautiful embroidery as well as the shoes are an absolute highlight of this opera genre. The make-up of each lady is a work of art and the impressive hairstyles, jewelry and creative headgear are the “cherries on top”.

The four-member ensemble – playing traditional Chinese instruments – led though a program of traditional music, Chinese folk songs and the various styles of Yue-Opera. The Bamboo-flute, the pipa (Chinese lute with four strings), the Gaohu (Chinese violin with one string) and the Zheng (similar to a zither instrument) generate the distinctive mystic sound of this culture; in a few seconds you have the feeling of being in the South of China.

I am thrilled by this culture!


Love is the main theme in nearly every opera


Famous dance with fan


Strong male characters performed by women


Traditional Chinese Ensemble


Stars of the Yue-Opera…


…start their training when they are around 7 years old


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