Da Adolfo, Laurito – Italy

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Spontaneous performance at Da Adolfo in Italy!

I received this Video from my new Italian Fan! :) Mille Grazie!

Video - PVP_Positano2014

First Studio Session

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Pure excitement! Mid May and I’m standing in the studio for the very first time! Thinking of my poor colleagues as I am such a greenhorn. ☺

The final product will take its time, but a start has been made!



Space to sing


Space to work


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First official photo shoot

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LA – Los Angeles! First official photo shoot! Great time with photographer Steph and Make-Up Artist Vanessa!

Our shoot included me singing and us talking about the music scene in LA und New York City. Thank you!



the best pics are the spontaneous ones…

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Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, here I come! After my graduation I left Germany for three months to check out the West Coast and the American music business.
It`s unbelievable what I learned about performance, castings, music composing and producing, people management, marketing and even DJing in LA. My Mission: Start working on own songs.

PS: LA would not have been that great without my friends! Check out their music:




Get inspired! AMOEBA Music


First DJ Lesson with my dear friend DJ Serrano


Lesson with DJ Schumi! Thanks man! :)


Making progress…


LA Crew at Soho House West Hollywood


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Magister Artium

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Finally! In February I received my Master’s degree at the Ludwig-Maximilians University. What a day! My family and best friends came to Munich to celebrate with me. It goes without saying that we had a lot to eat, a lot to drink and were pretty much singing all day long.


Thanks to my family and friends


What a happy day!


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Festa dell’ Assunta – Positano, Italy

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Every year Positano celebrates the Festa dell’ Assunta.  Its the most religious celebration in Positano and Positano is my second home.

This year for the first time ever a – not in Positano born – was allowed to sing for the worship at the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. I can not put into words, what this meant to me…



Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in Positano


Getting ready to sing


With my “fans” after the holy ceremony


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Restaurant Quattro Passi – Nerano, Italy

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Again I had to work first, before I was allowed to eat a delicious meal!

Singing for Chef Antonio Mellino in his restaurant Quattro Passi in Nerano, Italy.




With Chef Antonio after singing…


…it was so worth it!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-27 um 11.11.24

Quattro Passi, Nerano


The very well known wine cellar…


…of Chef Antonio! Stunning!


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Wedding at Tegernsee

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Regarding this wedding at Tegernsee I can only say – Gorgeous!!

I was not only touched by the love of these two; that I was allowed to be part of the celebration and pay my respect due singing was an honor!

Foto 1

Singing their song…

Foto 2

…which moved them to tears!


Practicing the acoustic at the church St. Quirinus

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Da Adolfo in Laurito, Italy

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There is no summer without singing at Da Adolfo on the Amalfi Coast in Italy!!

Its always hard to  sing after eating tons of food and drinking too much wine, but my friend Sergio would not let me return without paying my dues!

I love it so much! This place – with my family and my friends, the view, the sea, the food – is paradise for me.



Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-27 um 09.44.00



Video - PVP_Positano2012

The Video shows the audience after me singing…


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Wedding at Mondsee, Austria

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What a wonderful summerday to get married at Mondsee in Austria!! A very personal wedding with the family and close friends of the bride and groom, super happy guests and a perfect ambient! What more could you want?



Wedding at Mondsee, Austria


Touched by the music…


… the bride and groom thanked me in church!

cb1200804_MG_7328 b new

What a beautiful bride and groom – All the best to Sabine and Matthias!!


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